Featured Energy Project

City of Vestavia

Client: The City of Vestavia Hills
We Helped Them Save: $40,000 annually


Ecofficient Energy Solutions and Mayer Electric Supply approached the City about assessing municipal buildings for possible retrofits about a year and a half prior to the grant. The companies identified fixtures eligible for retrofits which would save the City almost $40,000 annually, but the front-end cost made the move infeasible at the time. The proposal provided by the companies was the basis for the City’s successful grant application. Now that funds have been awarded, the retrofits project will be bid in January to be performed in or before March 2012. The payback period, which is the amount of time it is expected savings would pay for the costs, is projected to be less than two years.

Client: McGriff Industries
We Helped Them Save: $12,000 annually


Ecofficient recently completed a lighting project for McGriff Industries with help from Cullman Power Board and EnergyRight Solutions for Business. By replacing metal halide, T12 fluorescent, and incandescent fixtures, the company increased by 10 times the light in the aisle of this tire warehouse and increased light for each workstation. “The plant is much brighter than before we started the project and more efficient. The workers noticed the difference the first day and appreciated the change, ” said Jim Osborne, General Manager, Retreads. The company received an incentive from Cullman Power Board and TVA, and will reduce its demand by 43 kW and its energy consumption by 240,000 kWh annually, for a significant annual savings. See Photos.